The Benefits Of Cork Flooring

Cork is an ideal natural material for floors. Praised for its comfort, durability and sustainability, cork is a beautiful and versatile choice for any room in the home.


Sourced and harvested from the outer bark of cork oak trees, this renewable material is native to Tunisia, Portugal and Spain. Used for centuries in construction throughout the world, cork has seen a recent surge in popularity as a flooring material, due to its beauty, durability and sustainability.

This functional material has many advantages over other flooring types. Here are the key points.


Providing a lovely cushioning effect underfoot, cork ‘gives’ a little when walked upon. It also works as a natural noise and thermal insulator, creating a naturally quiet and warm room.


Resistant to abrasions and cracking, cork is impermeable to liquid and gas, hence being used for centuries as stoppers in wine bottles and other alcohols. Flooring made of cork will bounce back, meaning indentation made from heavy furniture won’t be lasting. With proper maintenance, a cork floor can last for over 40 years!


Cork melts or ignites only at extremely high temperatures, so is relatively fire-resistant. If cork is set alight, it generates less toxic material and smoke than a vinyl floor.


Cork is anti-microbial and naturally resistant to termites, mould and mildew. It does not shed microfibres or give off any gas that can negatively affect the air quality in your home.


Unlike vinyl, where the pattern is etched on the top layer, cork’s colour and pattern penetrates the entire depth of the material, so it does not fade or disappear as the floor wears. This adds to a cork flooring’s life duration. See for further details.


Cork is an environmentally-friendly building material. Harvesting techniques are sustainable, with trees reaching an age of 25 before the bark can be removed. From then on, the bark can be harvested for cork every 8 to 14 years, without destroying the tree. Living an average 150 -200 years, cork trees provide a sustainable option for flooring types.

Aesthetic versatility

Available in planks and tiles of various designs, styles, sizes and colours, cork provides a huge range of effects in the home. Lay planks to create a seamless floor or lay individual tiles of alternating colours for a modern, original design.

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