Enjoy Unlimited Benefits with Myhub Intranet Software

Myhub intranet software solution is multi dimensional and it deals with the areas like enterprise social networking, online document management, business email, calendaring, project management and contact management tools. Because of our comprehensive bunch of features related to intranet, it allows the flourishing of business by increasing the collaboration and the information flow both inside the company as well as outside its boundary.

Myhub provides flexibility to the businesses and the project teams to approach the collaborative tools with just an intranet connection. You have option to increase company intranet application power in order to develop a partner extranet or a customer portal.

With the help of Myhub simple intranet CMS, you require a web design or an IT expertise in order to establish your company intranet. You can call Myhub intranet solution as out of box because it has the intranet publisher that is responsible for creating the intranet pages fast. If you are online, you can easily start things with Myhub.

Myhub is Securely Hosted

It is a hosted intranet solution and because of this, there is no installation of software. There is also no need of maintenance of servers. It can also be called as a software as a service intranet. Thus, the company intranet is totally web based and fully protected by way of your log in name and a password authentication. Apart from this, you have the 128-bit SSL encryption that is optional. There is touching 100 percent guarantee of uptime by way of secure offsite , offsite data centre facility that is associated with redundant servers.

Increase the Business Productivity with Myhub

It has the capability to generate intranet workspaces for every groups, team and department. This being a central place has approach to information as well as collaboration. With this intranet software solution, you can go for the online collaboration tools like online document management, business email, online calendars, file storage and more.

There is smart business features associated with Myhub, these are easy to use features, and because of this, the benefits of intranet portal are more. There is also deep integration of principles related to social design in the intranet solution making it completely social. For setting up this in the company, there is no requirement of IT, design or HTML. Because of the drag and drop publisher and CMS, the company intranet is set up within minutes.

Quick Establishing and Deploying

There is no need of its support for this intranet suite and it operates across any platform, Mac or PC. Besides, thus, there is also an option for free upgrades and support. It is also a lifetime commitment.

Ready to Move

With the help of this intranet solution, there is no requirement of installation of software. There is also need of the maintenance of servers. You can make the intranet extension through the web to approach the information as and when you need. You can do this from any computer.

Benefit of Functionality of Big Business

You can have the approach to the intranet tools for less monthly fees. You have just to make addition of new members with the growth of your business.

Total Security

There is guarantee of cent percent uptime. Overall, the experience with this intranet solution is among the best in the industry. You have security with this.

Summary: With Myhub, the intranet is thriving because of the custom pages for the departments and teams. You will be happy with your choice of Myhub after you go through the various collaboration tools.

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