Fashion Dresses 2007 – The Magic Slimming Dress Does Precisely As It Says!

The Magic slendering dress is one gown that ladies will like as not just does it look excellent but the unique way that is made means that it flatters your figure instantly and makes you look a size smaller sized!

Let’s look at the magic slendering dress in more information.

  1. The concept

Ever taken a look at the Tour De France and seen how the cyclists look in Lycra? Well, the Lycra clothes they use holds the body company.

The building and construction of the magic slendering dress uses the idea of holding the body firm on the first level then uses softer fabrics on top to offer a firmer, slimmer appearance.

  1. Design

The magic slendering gown has Elastane Lycra support in the style of the lining and the seaming of the gown. This support is designed to flatter your figure and belongs to a brand-new Magicwear range where all garments feature this unique construction. The marketing From Marks and Spencer’s who have produced this very first variety claims:

” Firm control inner lining that is cut and seamed to manage and raise in all the right places – holding in the stomach and lifting the bottom and bust”

Well, to any ladies a claim like that has to be investigated!

The very best location to start was the magic slimming gown (as everybody ladies need one) and is a basic conservative plain black gown.

The Magicwear (TM) Short Sleeve Gown arrived, in the mail and I tried it on straightaway. Girls the good news is – It truly does deliver and is not all marketing hype, which is great news! The dress was not only well made, but made me look slimmer, just as important, it changed my silhouette into a curvy, attractive hourglass shape.

My appearance was merely transformed and my figure looked great and I really felt that instead of being in my late thirties, the Magic Slimming Dress took my body back a years, to prior to I had children.

As my partner put it “you do not look so big” cheek, but as I was so thrilled I took it as an enhance.

So why does the magic slimming gown work?

  1. The Technical Bit

The inner is made up of 23% elastane Lycra integrated with 77% polyester. The double crepe top fabric is made from 49% Viscose, 49% polyester and simply 2% Lycra. Crepe yarn, being a highly twisted yarn that curls back on itself so therefore it is rather resistant to creasing.

This double crepe material has the advantage of just 2% Lycra and is combined with polyester again makes it more crease resistant.

The Magic Slimming Dress also has a combination of polyester and viscose making it extremely comfortable to use. The viscose absorbs body moisture assisting keep comfort in wear. This combination likewise makes washing easy.

I personally think all females will enjoy this new building, which has a patent pending at present.

  1. A great idea

The concept behind the Magicwear variety is so basic, its one of those concepts you believe why didn’t I consider it?

My Magic slendering gown worked for me and I am sure other women will like it. This range of ladies’s clothes looks set to turn into one the greatest style trends of 2007.

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